Represents an event.

Please note that the property names are the original ones from the model and might have different casing/format depending on the format they are represented in.
Name Description
ID Event ID
Area The area (physical) where event is held
SubArea Optional sub area (physical or logical) for the event
Title Event title
Organizer Information about the organizer
SignInterpreted Flag for if the event is sign language interpreted
Highlighted Flag for if the event is highlighted (an event of special interest)
Production One of the possible enum values represention how the event is produced
Cancelled Flag for if the event has been cancelled
Recurring Flag for if the event is a recurring event (has more than one occation)
Language The language in which the event is beeing held
Type The event type for categorization
Location Information about the physical location
Occation The current occation
Price Pricing information
Intro Short intro/information text
Description Longer description of the event
ImageUrl URL of an image representing the event
ImageCaption Caption with information regarding the image representing the event
ExternalUrl External URL for more information about the event
TicketUrl URL for buying the ticket online
AllOccations All occations of an event (an event might occur one or more times)
Updated Flag for if the event information has been updated within the last 36 hours
ChangeInfo Internal information about the last change (if supplied)
ChangeTimestamp Timestamp for when the event information was last updated