The event system supports two different standard output modes of a selection of events, one for external monitors/displays and one for outputting a simple list of events.


This display mode is optimal for showing events on an monitor and is supported as long as the device are capable of showing a web page. The web page is automatically refreshed every 5 minutes to keep up to date with changes in the program.
The base URL for the display page is:

It is also possible to specify a custom size for the display (the size below is the default):


The list mode lists events in a styled table and is useful for getting a quick overview of events. If no room name is supplied the list will be grouped by room.
The base URL for the list page is:


The following table describes the different GET-parameters that can be supplied to customize the selection of events to show. All options are optional and works for both output modes.

Name Description
date A date in the format YYYY-MM-DD or the string today, tomorrow, now or upcoming.
If a date or string is supplied the time indications will just show times, while full dates will be used otherwise.
area The name of an area.
subarea The name of a sub area or the string "none" to exclude all events belonging to a sub area.
room The name of a room. If a room name is not supplied the result might be grouped by room, depending on the output mode.
highlighted A boolean value (true/false) indicating the selection of only highlighted events.